A Crackdown On Unauthorised Absence From School


Parents who take their children out during school time are being targeted by police and social workers for potentially encouraging absence during the school day.

North Wales Police and Education Social Workers will be on the lookout for anyone who looks as if they should be in school and will be asking why the child is absent from school? They will also be on the lookout for unaccompanied young people of statutory school age in the town centre.

Parents of truants can face a maximum fine of up to £2500 or a term of imprisonment.

A council spokesperson said: “Taking children out of school is encouraging truancy and parents and carers should be discouraged from doing so. I hope many parents will think twice before doing it and make arrangements to either take advantage of the Easter holidays or the weekends.”

The Wrexham Community Education Patrol is a joint initiative run by North Wales Police and the Wrexham County Borough Council Education Social Work Team.

It was originally developed in 1995 and updated in 2016 following concerns from traders and other agencies within the town centre about the number of children of school age being absent from school. It has been cited by the Welsh Government as an example of good practice, with other authorities visiting Wrexham for advice on setting up their own schemes.

The Community Education Patrols are an integral part of the Local Authority’s commitment to improving school attendance and achievement.

This is also linked to the local authority’s strategic plan and ensuring a safe environment for all our children.